Why Investing in the AxioMed Viscoelastic Disc Replacement Is Changing the Future of Spine Surgery
KICVentures and over 10 other investment firms, key expert surgeon leaders and engineers have invested their time, expertise and over $85 million since 2001 to bring AxioMed technology to patients. When you talk to these individuals about why they've invested so much into this technology, they all credit the disc performing like a true disc replacement, which far exceeds any other design.
According to CFO Aditya Humad, AxioMed raised capital from surgeons and high net worth individuals in an oversubscribed first round and will open the second round for $10 million in October, to commercialize the disc overseas and begin the U.S. Multi-Level Cervical IDE in 2018.
Because of its viscoelastic core, the AxioMed disc is designed for safe MRI compatibility.
Leading surgeons note that the AxioMed disc compresses during flexion while ball and socket discs show no motion and thus act like a fusion device. They also note that there is substantial scar tissue formation around the ball and socket space that restricts motion during revisions. AxioMed has a 15 year head start in understanding viscoelastic disc replacement and this lead will increase with greater clinical utilization globally. They are about to begin lateral lumbar implantation overseas and are seeking lateral indications as part of their FDA submission by the end of this year.
Implanting the lumbar disc laterally will be a game changer.
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